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Since founded in 1990, Handok Clean Tech Co., Ltd. has supplied the carbon block filter for water purifier, the preprocessing filter and the Compound carbon filter using production technologies for compressed carbon block filter, and firmly positioned itself as a recognized filter manufacturer based on outstanding technologies. To answer to the customer confidence, we are committed to our best on consistent quality innovation and R&D.

To maintain sustainable growth, an enterprise should not only pursue economic profit but also be responsible for our society and environment. Handok has been involved in various activities to increase the enterprise value under such challenges. In line with such activities, the Company established the green growth vision. Under the green growth vision, Handok prepared the foundation for sustainable growth, and implemented the carbon management system for seamless energy diagnosis and evaluation. Handok has firmly positioned itself as an eco-friendly company by efforts on carbon usage reduction and elimination of environment impacting factors.

Handok Clean Tech Co., Ltd. is further committed to a company of trust with social contribution and environmental care on priority by further organizing suitable management.