Handok Clean Tech's Compression Method


Compression Method

Handok Clean Tech's compressed carbon block filter is made of the coconut Activated Carbon and the polymer PE binder which are mixed, and thermally compressed and formed.


Handok Clean Tech's compressed carbon block filter is able to withstand external impacts. While micro activated carbon provides excellent chemical absorption property, the block structure forms physical filtration layers. The combined chemical and physical filtration properties provide high performance carbon block.

Excellent Characteristics

Unlike granular activated carbon, our compression method does not release initial dust and prevents the channeling symptom that creates flowing and the water path within the filter. Since the water inflows the filter in the diametric direction through a wider area than granular activated carbon and slowly flows along the filter length, it provides long contact time with water. Consequently, it demonstrates outstanding performance in removing organic pollutants and exhibits excellent performance in removing granular and heavy metallic substances.


Handok Clean Tech uses the high performance GUR PE powder of in Germany.

The polymer PE binder of Celanese in Germany maintains its shape and size under the melted state. Since it only contacts the contact point of the activated carbon even after it is sintered, it is not coated on the activated carbon surface. As a result, pores of the activated carbon are not clogged. It maximizes the performance of the activated carbon used carbon block filter. Using such special material enables to develop filters with various water purification performances and rich channel capacity. Moreover, since the polymer PE binder passed requirements of US FDA, it is allowed for use in food and drinking water production, and thus its safe use is ensured.