Deodorizing Filter

Deodorizing Filter for Air Purifier

  • High technic Highly technical catalyst technology ensures performance and long life superior to other suppliers' products
  • Applicable to all air purifiers in the market
  • Customizable of activated carbon amount and filter depth
  • Unique product in the carbon block form unlike conventional pellet types
  • It uses high performance crushed activated carbon in the small grain size developed of micro pores with the low molecular absorption performance superior to pellet type absorbents.
  • It is the low pressure loss filter optimally designed and enables low noise operation and increased processing blow rate.

  • Refrigerator Deodorizing Filter

    The refrigerator deodorizing filter removes major odor gases of methyl mercaptan and trimethylamine from the refrigerator. Handok Clean Tech's deodorizing filter uses the high performance impregnation method and provides better absorption performance and capacity compared to other suppliers using the same amount of activated carbon.

    Impregnated Activated Carbon

    The impregnated activated carbon is the material of which the chemical activation is enhanced by depositing metal, metallic salt or organic material on the activated carbon with high specific surface area (BET). Since the activated carbon surface is nonpolar, it is very hard to remove the polar molecule such as ammonia. By impregnating chemicals to enhance the chemical property, the Company developed the absorbent enhanced of absorption performance to polar molecules such as ammonia and acetaldehyde. It is possible to design and develop it in the specifications the customer requires. Moreover, with the increased absorption performance, customers will be able to realize economic operation.

    In addition, by impregnating the 'H' series chemical or 'K' series chemical on the surface of the high performance activated carbon depending on the gas to remove, the chemical is coated on the specific surface of the activated carbon (pore) to enhance the chemical absorption performance.