Cabin Filter

Cabin Filter

PRUMI, Premium Hybrid Automobile Air-con ∙ Heater Filter

As a combination of the HEPA-level particle filter and highly efficient, abundantly micro-porous activated carbon block filter, it is a premium hybrid filter with heightened efficiency to better remove ultrafine dusts and harmful gases.

Premium Hybrid System: Dual Cleaning System

The Hepa-level filter first filters granular pollutants such as fine dusts and pollen, and then the activated carbon filter removes contaminated gases including exhaust gases and odors.

Technology with a patent

Patent Number 10-2145359, Cabin Filter Unit
Cabin Filter Unit that removes fine dusts, yellow dusts and harmful gases at the same time


• Powerful removal of harmful gases

  • - Abundantly micro-porous activated carbon creates a wide specific surface area
  • - PRUMI equipped with the activated carbon block is more abundantly micro-porous, which contributes to a wider specific surface area
  • - A wider area for filtering harmful gases heightens gas-removing capability.

• Excellent removal of fine dusts

  • - Use of HEPA-level raw material leads to an outstanding ability to remove fine dusts
  • - Finely folded filter contributes to a wider filtering area
  • - These features enhance the ability to remove fine dusts

• Great durability with less changeability in quality and form

  • - Use of high quality material contributes to highly heat-resisting property
  • - Durability is proven by its consistent and high level performance over time